Annual BoldHer Conference

about_diana_stlifer“The first Bold Her Conference was one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Spending the day with a group of motivated, influential and bold women was truly a gift, and one that every woman should give to herself. I left the conference feeling more confident to go after my goals and achieve success. I’d sum up the Bold Her Conference in three words: Informative, Inspiring and Fun!” -Diana St. Lifer

Boldher-eventpageFounder of, Author, and Identity Energizer, Susan Vernicek and Founder of, Author,  Jennifer Tuma-Young bring you the second (2nd) BoldHer Conference! BoldHer is sponsored by one of Pocono’s #1 wedding/event venues, Stroudsmoor Country Inn. In supporting women and to also support locally, we will be donating a percentage of proceeds to the local East Stroudsburg University, Women’s Soccer Team!

On August 21, 2014 women will leave the BoldHer conference with the confidence to take one step forward towards being a little “BoldHer” in your personal life, which will only support your career as well.

1. Bust the myths in your mind about what it means and what it takes to be successful.
2. Validate your emotional journey to self-confidence and your self-worth.
3. Tap into your innate potential as a human being.
4. Activate your power to be courageous in any of life’s situations.
5. Leave with a refreshed perspective, increased strength, and the confidence to live BOLDHER!

Why does this matter?

Boldness is arguably our most important attribute ~ MORE important than the skills and knowledge that we have. Why? Because it sets us apart. When you know your worth, are confident in your abilities, take inspired risks to serve others, and contribute to a community {whether that community is your home, your workplace, your town, your environment, or global}, you become a natural leader and your legacy will leave a ripple affect.

By being bold, others will feel drawn to you and reassured by you. How great will that feel? They also trust you, your judgment, and will follow your lead. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the inspiring woman?

Self-confidence enables you to BE BOLD, take healthy risks, stretch, grow, and achieve new levels of success. Without enough self-confidence, you run the risk of living a mediocre life — too afraid to move out of your comfort zone and go for what you really want.

Are you a woman who feels like you’re stuck in a rut?
Are you a woman who wishes that you could have more overall success in your life, your relationships, your health, and your overall wealth?
Are you a woman who feels overwhelmed and not keeping up with your life?
Are you a woman who where it has been a while since you’ve had a good laugh?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to infuse your self-confidence with laughter and love! Activate your power to be courageous in any of life’s situations…It’s time to get BoldHer!


BoldHer is an annual one-day conference bringing together a diverse community of women, of all ages to embrace the BoldHer principles:

Believe in Your Innate Power
Own Your Actions and Reactions
Love Unconditionally
Don’t Give Up
Help Others Along the Way
Embrace Your Journey
Remember to Laugh!


Ladies — this is a Judgment-FREE-zone we’re serious. Nothing but positivity, support, laughter and love!

So . . . do you DARE to get BoldHER?

Eventbrite - 2014 BoldHer Conference

Here’s what you can expect:

Self-confidence starts from the inside out. That’s why you’ll learn to have your self-confidence rooted in the one person who’ll always be there for you — YOU!

No, you don’t have to lose weight, make more money, or be in an amazing relationship to have more self-confidence. We’ll teach you how to accept and appreciate yourself as you are, and achieve uncommon success as a result.

Start to create your own custom Ask Believe Receive set of carved words, (included in workshop) and learn how to STOP perpetuating the “wanting” state and clear the mind chatter to just “BE” in the moment.

Life’s too short to be serious all the time, so, we’ll make sure that your cheeks hurt from laughing so much! One day with us could save you months of therapy!

Tickets Include:
Lunch & Comedy Show
Afternoon Snack
A Goodie bag
A copy of the Identity Magbook (value $19.95)
A copy of Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale (value $25.99)
A set of wooden words, Ask. Believe. Receive. (value $19.99)
Breakfast Networking the following morning (August 22, 2014) if you stay at Stroudsmoor.

Be BoldHer™
Be Audacious.
Be True.
Make a day for you…

Eventbrite - 2014 BoldHer Conference

Our BOLD Guarantee:
If you are not infused and on fire by lunch, we will give you your money back…100% Guarantee.